valley of the giants ecopark

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Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Our Ecopark is 5km directly north of the spectacular Conspicuous surfing beach which is well used by experienced surfers. The lookout at the beach offers reliable views of whales during winter; and occasionally offers views of the Southern Lights during periods of solar activity (Aurora Australis)

Our Ecopark is central to nearby towns, attractions, beaches, rivers and inlets.

  • it is-110km west to Pemberton 6260, 13km west to Walpole 6398, 55km east to Denmark 6333, 110km east to Albany 6330
  • 6km from the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk through the canopy of the Giants Forest either, via the Highway to the Valley of the Giants Road 1km to our east or, via the Bibbulmun Walking Track 2km from our Ecopark. This Track extends from Perth to Albany, a distance of approximately 960km.
  • The beaches are Rest Point (16km) on Walpole Inlet, Coalmine (10km) on Nornalup Inlet, Bellanger/the Blue Holes (6km), Conspicuous (11km), Peaceful Bay (15km) and Parry's (30km).
  • The rivers are Shannon (60km), Walpole (15km), Frankland (3km) (NOT Franklin), Bow (13km), Kent (20km) and Denmark (55km).
  • The inlets are Broke (60km), Walpole (15km), Nornalup (13km), Irwin (13km) and Wilson (35km).These maritime and estuarine features share the Southern Ocean with the Antarctic Continent approximately 5000km to the south. The Southern Ocean adjoins the Indian Ocean which stretches along the relatively long Western Australian coastline, to Cape Londonderry (Latitude South 13°44' & Longitude East 126°56' ) in the Timor Sea.
Valley of the Giants Ecopark
Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Things to See and Do in and around Walpole

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Fernhook Falls

Spectacular waterfalls (in Winter) on the Deep River; White water canoe launching facilities; barbecue and camping facilities. Take the boardwalk along the banks of the River and enjoy the peaceful bushland. 

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

MT. Frankland

Situated in Frankland State Forest; bush walkers’ dream to hike to the lookout at the top and see to the horizon 360º; abundant wildflowers in Spring. BBQ and picnic facilities. 

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

valley of the giants

Scenic drive through stands of giant Tingle and Karri trees of old growth forest.Guided tour of Ancient Empire. Picnic sites and ideal for bush walking. 

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

tree top walk

Giant suspended walkway through the towering canopy of the forest - get a birds’ eye view.  Highest point 40 metres above ground level.Enjoy boardwalk through the ancient empire of giant karri and tingle trees. 

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Frankland River

Join one of the relaxing cruises of the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets and up the tranquil waters of the Frankland and Deep Rivers.  Refreshments supplied.See

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Circular Pool

Situated on the Frankland River the water in Winter rushes over the rocks and forms a large swirling whirlpool at a bend in the River.  Photographers dream of flying foam against granite rock backdrop

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

bellanger beach

Take a 4WD experience to the Blue Holes and drive along the sandy stretches of Bellanger Beach - watch the Southern Ocean rolling in. Enjoy swimming and beach fishing

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

walpole inlet

The Walpole River feeds into Walpole Inlet which in turn flows into the larger, Nornalup Inlet before flowing through the mouth and into the Southern Ocean. The Walpole Inlet is a great favourite area for fishing and canoeing. 

Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Frankland Wilderness Lookout

The recently constructed Lookout provides you with a spectacular view over the western side of the Walpole Wilderness from high above the forest floor.