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Environmental notes

The Timor Sea and the Southern and Indian Oceans provide winter habitat for whales seeking refuge from the harsh Antarctic winters. During the summer months, these whales return to their ancestral Antarctic feeding habitat where modern technologies are being used to atrociously hunt these intelligent, air-breathing mammals beyond the brink of extinction. Hunting and killing of whales in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean and politico-economic rape of the Australian coastal environment is compromising the future of humanity, biological diversity, whale conservation and the sustainability of all marine oriented commerce. Let's ensure that we never suffer marine pollution catastrophes that are occurring elsewhere. Whale-watching depends upon whales being un-afraid of people in boats. In stark contrast, whale-hunting causes whales to be afraid of people in boats. Thus, whaling in all oceans of the planet should cease in order that whales will survive and will continue to be enjoyed by future generations of humanity.
Along Western Australia's coastline, water levels are noticeably rising due to global warming caused by Green House Gas Emissions which in turn are being generated by expanding global economies. These are extinguishing human, animal and vegetation life of our planet ( Issue 12 Dec 2006/Jan 2007; pp48-59).This is causing horrors and tragedies to all human and other life of our planet. These disasters are worsening as human populations continue to expand.
The scheme to trade or tax Green House Gas Emissions within Australia will represent a step in salvaging a future for our children. Such a topic should never be used as a political toy in any nation. Although, Australia's international contribution to gaseous emissions is relatively trivial in global terms, Australia's reputation for innovation and example is being magnified on the World stage by the adoption of a national scheme. In turn this is establishing a green economy based on the two infrastructures of re- newable energy generation and on the National Broadband Network now being installed by the Australian Government. Additionally, the NBN is a cost-effective National asset. These two infrastructures are generating ecologically sustainable socio-economic benefits that are an investment in our children's future. Social benefits especially to country people are relatively cheap, digital TV and internet services.
The accelerating extermination of all life on our planet represents generally ignored humanitarian crises. These are being caused by un-precedented numbers of people that have never yet before been in occupation of our planet. This latter fact is not being addressed by climate- change sceptics. Thus global warming together with over- population and over-exploitation of the planet's finite resources are moral issues that demand multi-lateral resolution by all of humanity collectively with its leaders in commerce, science, politics, religions and cultures. All have the abilities to reverse over-population of the planet. This can be achieved in agreement with the holy writings of antiquity.