valley of the giants ecopark

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Valley of the Giants Ecopark

Our Ecopark acts as a living window which looks out into a sheltered valley of 45 acres (19ha) within Western Australia's Southern Forests. Our Ecopark is an enclave of the Valley of the Giants Forest of ancient Karri and Tingle trees (Eucalyptus spp.). We are dedicated to wildlife information and conservation and are not surrounded by wildlife impacting sheep, cattle, farm dogs and farm machinery.

Our valley nestles in forested hills of the coastal hinterland and adjoins the northern side of Highway one (Western Australia's South Coast Highway) at the highway's north-western intersection with Boxhall Road (Shown on Google maps as Outer Break Road). These hills are protected from the weather patterns of the nearby Southern Ocean and are separated from coastal dunes to the south by a two kilometre wide corridor of flood prone plain which supports farmland lying immediately south of Highway one.